2021.12.05 10:28 KayraDag12213 Tm

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2021.12.05 10:28 vinay_93 Congratulations! Proposal #80 on Injective successfully passed! 3x maker and 2x taker boost for the $INJ / $USDT Spot Market & 3x maker and 1.2x taker for the INJ/USDT PERP Market will be added🥳 Proposal🔻

Congratulations! Proposal #80 on Injective successfully passed! 3x maker and 2x taker boost for the $INJ / $USDT Spot Market & 3x maker and 1.2x taker for the INJ/USDT PERP Market will be added🥳 Proposal🔻 submitted by vinay_93 to injective [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 10:28 Scary_Education_4726 Where do I even start?!

Hi everyone! New to the sub and spent about 3 hours looking at posts for what I’m looking for but it honestly made me more confused. Looking for advice and recommendations!
I am 5’3, 145 lbs and just bought a sealy premium bed. It hasn’t arrived yet but i know I love it because my boyfriend has it and I spend time with him mainly for his bed (joking, but it’s a plus!)
I am looking for a pillow to help with my sleep. I’ve always just bought what I could afford. I have these cheap $20 pillows from amazon that were “made of soft plush fiber fulling making it good for side/back sleepers”
They’re horrendous. I’ve always just gotten what was given to me. Now that I have a big girl job and am making money, I want to invest in my sleep. I have really bad insomnia and my bedding makes me dread sleeping even more. I wake up with upper neck, upper and lower back, and spinal pain. The part of my muscles closest to my spine feel so uncomfortable when l wake up. I also have hip pain from time to time.
Also want to add that my boyfriend has the memory foam made by design pillows from target. also horrendous. they’re the reason I’m writing this at 4 in the morning.
Anyway, to my original question, what are good pillows for back and side sleepers? I honestly sleep insane and move around a lot, but I find myself falling asleep on my back and waking up on my side the most. But overall pretty 50/50 on both ways of sleeping.
I don’t know what material/loft/etc I like or don’t like or material I prefer. From my research, it seems like i’d like medium (almost high but not quite) lofts. I hate down pillows and down alternatives. Not a fan of memory foam in the past but willing to try if it’ll alleviate my pain.
I was looking into the Avocado Green pillow or the Nest Easy Breather Latex Pillow. I thought about purple harmony but I think the grid would drive me crazy to feel. I thought about investing in a pluto pillow. I think anything above $100 would make me wince. But if its an expensive holy grail, i’ll pay anything.
TLDR: looking for pillow recommendations for crazy, insomniac side and back sleepers!
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2021.12.05 10:28 Chattype I am 23 and still virgin. Am I the only one ? At what age you lost your viginity?

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2021.12.05 10:28 piggybaldi 😇🤝

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2021.12.05 10:28 Blackwidowo22p Bye, bye

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2021.12.05 10:28 Ask_A_Vulcan Release date

Anybody hear when the specific release date for the remastered version?
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2021.12.05 10:28 Rafa_Lorenzo The weight limit is a joke...

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2021.12.05 10:28 _ok_confusion_777_ Why buy an Impreza when you can have a Trezia .

October 10, my fresh Impreza e-Boxer was finally at home with me. I was happy, I was satisfied with my choice, even though everyone advised me not to buy a Subaru. "A hybrid car from Subaru? You must be mad" they said. I wanted to prove them wrong, but I failed. November 27, all warning lights went on, all orange. The car kept saying "Check the engine". Panic. I called the nearest car workshops. Everyone was busy, nobody wanted to help me. November 28, I went to a car workshop far from where I was, the only one available on a Saturday morning. They checked my car, said that everything was ok, turned the warning lights off and assured me they got in touch with Subaru to discuss the problem. Once again, I was on the road happy with my Impreza, but quite worried. December 3, same scenery, all warning lights on. Today I brought my Impreza back to the workshop. The courtesy car (for which I have to‍ pay!) is a Subaru Trezia, 2WD, manual. I almost cried when they gave me the key. Now I'm stuck with the Trezia for at least a week. It's snowing a lot here now, it's just the best week to have a broken AWD car! Needless to say, I am very disappointed.
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2021.12.05 10:28 somedude9797 When opening Fortnite on my pc today, this came up. I can only exit. What is this and how can I play fortnite normally again?

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2021.12.05 10:28 Gubeshe82 Have you won this giveaways?(18+ Only)

One of my friends recommended me this websites to try out and win some cool stuff free.
Have you won anything from them?
You can join for free with just your email. Gift cards and electronics ect.
Interested? Here is the link Bellow:
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2021.12.05 10:28 thatsmetheawkwardgay No, I'm not a murderer but what's the easiest way to blitz-attack and kill someone?

So, I'm a screenwriter and one of my stories is a serial killer drama, which starts with an accidental death, then getting into a serial killer frenzy.
The people he kills are bigshots, not easy to get access to. What are the easiest yet sure-shot ways to eliminate these people? Stab? Shoot? Abduct-Torture-Kill?
Also, the show is set in the early 2000s, so there isn't much technology that's too accessible.
Reiterating: I DO NOT INTEND TO KILL ANYONE. This is for a show I'm writing.
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2021.12.05 10:28 PlasticCrack How it feels

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2021.12.05 10:28 xroche [Le Monde] Covid-19 : à l’hôpital de Colmar, l’afflux de malades non vaccinées

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2021.12.05 10:28 Stewbacca03 Promods Canada - Mack R Logging

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2021.12.05 10:28 sabineko2006 Enough Cringe for Today. Just look at this garbage with fake ass transitions with pitch black screens and cringe, cheesy, text. See above. and last but not least:
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2021.12.05 10:28 Lucky_Tiger47 New Starter

I could never force myself to start one piece for multiple reasons, it was too long, I would never be able to finish it, etc.
Now I’m the complete opposite and I can’t force myself to stop!
I’ve just finished Enies Lobby and oh boy that was one of, if not the best arcs I have EVER watched in an anime!
The emotions felt whilst watching it, the fight scenes, the humour, the plot all of it was amazing!
I am so glad that I started this anime.
Also… this is the only show that will ever be able to make me cry…. Over a BOAT!
Farewell, merry.
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2021.12.05 10:28 katespadesaturday The wolf was guarding the ice queen

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2021.12.05 10:28 nattykio MetaMine is only using green sources in case if you don’t know. So I think it’s very efficient and responsible to invest in their company

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2021.12.05 10:28 Cornnutsbbq St. Joe HS items

Hi, does anyone know of any SJHS merchandise (blankets/shirts, mugs, etc.) for sale? I moved away and I’m trying to find a gift for a family member.
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2021.12.05 10:28 smeteslwdhus Last episode question?

I'm an American who has not watched enough soccer to recognise the rules, so sorry for my ignorance but hence I am asking here. After a goal in soccer does the other team‍ have to allow a certain amount of time before they restart play? It seems in the last episode, Jamie pushes the ball while everyone is still celebrating and not paying attention. Is this legal? If so why don't more teams do this as a tactic?
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2021.12.05 10:28 Henryqop18 Discord
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2021.12.05 10:28 GlomOfNit Stop btiching about recruiters not sharing salary and start demanding what you want to be paid

Honestly, I don't get it. "the recruiter refuses to share the salary range". So what?
I work in data science for a large company and get recruiters reaching out to me every week. They usually don't share the salary range upfront.
My standard reply? (assuming the role sounds interesting)
Thanks for reaching out, I'm flattered by the interest, and woukd love to hear more about the role.
However, to avoid wasting both of our time, please note that I'll only consider roles at , although I may be willing to compromise a bit for a truly outstanding opportunity.
If none of the above are deal-breakees, I'd love to chat. I can be reached at .
Thanks, "
This has several benefits - 1) It makes the recruiter's life easier. 2) It sets a MINIMUM bar (so make sure if you do get this offer, you'll be happy). 3) the recruiter may very well have other roles to offer you he didn't think to propose, which fit this salary range even if the original role does not.
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2021.12.05 10:28 laikeolaique Some TESTS are FAILING. Can't find the reason.

I have the class ShoppingCart that belongs to the following UML scheme.
Shopping Cart UML: 6URqxqF.png (661×1143) (
Whole UML: Gnv9beh.png (2783×2054) (

All the classes defined managed to pass all the tests, except the ShoppingCart class.
These are the results of the failed test:
bOOoH7a.png (265×416) (
Which give the following description:

testAddProduct2() Expected :2 Actual :3 testAddProduct3() Expected :3 Actual :7 testAddProduct4() Expected :3 Actual :14 testAddProduct5() Expected :3 Actual :18 testAddProduct6() Expected :4 Actual :18 testRemoveProduct1() Expected :0 Actual :17 testRemoveProduct2() Expected :3 Actual :16 testRemoveProduct3() Expected :2 Actual :14 
This is the description of the method Add:
add: add the product passed as an argument to the ArrayList cart.But, before Adding it to the collection you should check that the passed object is not null.
If it's null an exception of type NullPointerException will be thrown with the message "[ERROR] Product object cannot be null".
If not null, In addition to adding the object to cart, this method should update the stock and sales in the case of physical products, and sales and total sales, in the case of case of digital products. Regarding physical products, we must check that we have enough stock to be able to add the product to the cart (otherwise, it will not update the stock and sales). If the entire operation has been successful, returns true and updates the total amount of the cart, otherwise, it will return false.
Adding the description of the method Remove:
remove - This method has two signatures, therefore it is overloaded.
The first of them, it receives a Product object and deletes it from the ArrayList cart. Likewise, it updates the stock and sales values of the past product as argument. If the entire operation was successful, it returns true, and in otherwise, false. As in the previous case, before deleting it from the collection, this method must check that the passed object is not null. If so, a exception of type NullPointerException with the message "[ERROR] Product object cannot be null ".
The second overload, which takes no arguments, flushes the cart. That is, remove all the products in the ArrayList cart and, for each product, update the corresponding stock and sale values.

Adding as an example, these are two of the methods that are failing:
@Test @Order(4) void testAddProduct2() { shoppingCart.add(ebook1); shoppingCart.add(ebook2); assertEquals(3, shoppingCart.getCart().size()); assertEquals(2, ebook1.getSales()); assertEquals(1, ebook2.getSales()); assertEquals(3, DigitalProduct.getSalesTotal()); } @Test @Order(5) void testAddProduct3() { shoppingCart.add(ebook1); shoppingCart.add(audiobook1); shoppingCart.add(audiobook1); assertEquals(4, book1.getStock()); shoppingCart.add(book1); assertEquals(7, shoppingCart.getCart().size()); assertEquals(3, ebook1.getSales()); assertEquals(1, ebook2.getSales()); assertEquals(2, audiobook1.getSales()); assertEquals(1, book1.getSales()); assertEquals(3, book1.getStock()); assertEquals(6, DigitalProduct.getSalesTotal()); } 
This is the method add and remove code:
 public boolean add(Product product) throws NullPointerException{ if(product == null) { throw new NullPointerException("[ERROR] Product object cannot be null"); } else { // for PhysicalProduct product (update stock and sales). if (product instanceof PhysicalProduct) { if (((PhysicalProduct) product).getStock() > 0) { cart.add(product); product.incSales(); ((PhysicalProduct) product).setStock(((PhysicalProduct) product).getStock() - 1); setTotal(getTotal()+product.getPrice()); return true; } // for DigitalProduct product (update sales and total sales). } else if (product instanceof DigitalProduct) { cart.add(product); DigitalProduct.incSalesTotal(); product.incSales(); setTotal(getTotal()+product.getPrice()); return true; } return false; } } public boolean remove(Product product) { if (product == null) { throw new NullPointerException("[ERROR] Product object cannot be null"); } else { if (this.cart.contains(product)){ cart.remove(product); product.decSales(); // for PhysicalProduct product if (product instanceof PhysicalProduct) { ((PhysicalProduct) product).setStock(((PhysicalProduct) product).getStock() + 1); // for DigitalProduct product } else if (product instanceof DigitalProduct) { DigitalProduct.decSalesTotal(); } setTotal(getTotal()-product.getPrice()); return true; } return false; } } public void remove() { for (Product product : this.cart) { product.decSales(); // for PhysicalProduct product if (product instanceof PhysicalProduct) { ((PhysicalProduct) product).setStock(((PhysicalProduct) product).getStock() + 1); // for DigitalProduct product } else if (product instanceof DigitalProduct) { DigitalProduct.decSalesTotal(); setTotal(0); } } cart.clear(); } 
Since I managed to pass the Tests testAddProduct1() and testAddProduct7(), and the other classes associated with ShoppingCart class (such as Product, DigitalProduct, or PhysicalProduct) managed to pass their respective tests I'm quite lost on where to look for locating the problem.

Since it's quite complex, I added the tests and the whole classes to a repository on Github:
panblue/repository-shoppingcart (

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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2021.12.05 10:28 Panaceum2 What's a reasonable rate of progress?

I am a 26M, 1.95m, 95kg. Started taking rowing classes 3 months ago - love it. My strength is good (I am a cyclist plus train legs at the gym) but my endurance is terrible - I can barely do 2-3km. I used to be fat so it's a relict of that era sadly.
It was too windy today during my classes, so we went on ergs. I pushed myself and did 2k in 7:30 at 20s/m with a good technique (coach's words not mine).
I do respond quite well to goals, so what's the goal I should set myself for the next 3 months. Is 7:00 reasonable? 6:30? I will be doing a version of Pete's plan and plan to erg 4 times a week.
Thanks ;)
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