ktd7a b6fe9 4rhis eih93 e99ye id4t4 r7ht5 izzs4 yff5t 38688 yd8t2 b656k thh55 abnzt df4i9 i98d8 63b5h 36bt2 rb826 328bi sfsht Laravel Pseudo-Daemons |

Laravel Pseudo-Daemons

2021.12.05 11:54 aarondf Laravel Pseudo-Daemons

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2021.12.05 11:54 CHBFrost SAMURA - THE NEXT GEM 🔥💎

$SAMURA 🥷 The NEXT GEM🚀🚀 💯📈💯📈💯📈💯📈💯📈💯📈💯
Our goal is to increase our price by 10.000X and be among the major cryptocurrencies. 🔥🔥🔥
Contract: 0x18bd5ad4cfede2cf1ec5217928cf687c9b6881c0
📊TOKENOMICS📊 5% USDT Reflection 4% Automatic Liquidity 3% to Marketing
🟢 Whitelist Presale 15/Dec/21 🟢 Launch 20/Dec/21
💪💪 SAFU 💪💪
📩 Telegram: https://t.me/samuratoken
💻 Website: https://www.samura-token.com/
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2021.12.05 11:54 Private_Donut_ How does will of the sword work?

Does it trigger on the persona casting charge or the one attacking afterwards?
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2021.12.05 11:54 100kMesTiMapa For how long are u guys going to hold?

What's your personal goal?
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2021.12.05 11:54 FruitGuruM Game development log 2021-11-28

• Added: Abilities - Display boosted action points.
• Changed: Abilities - Minor code style improvements.
• Changed: Equipment - new localization tags
• Added: Abilities - If we apply ability that increases armor to the squad that has zero armor now, we give the squad a small value of armor.
• Changed: Battle - AI test environment set up.
• Changed: TestControlContext - Using AbilityDatabase and EffectDatabase classes instead mocks.
• Removed: Abilities - AbilityDatabaseMock and EffectDatabaseMock removed.
• Changed: Abilities - Minor changes.
• Changed: Abilities - Minor changes in configs.
• Changed: Abilities - Now all ability configs are stored and used from JSON files.
• Changed: Effects - Now all effect configs are stored and used from JSON files.
• Added: Effects - Created jsons for effect configs.
• Changed: Effects - Visuals.
• Changed: Abilities - Removed unused appliactor decorators functionality.
• Changed: ActionPoint - Visual improvements.
• Changed: Battle - AI Controller refactored for better support of multiple AI participents.
• Changed: Hero - Show ability under hero card.
• Added: Hero - Ability icons.
• Changed: Hero - Activation and deactivation of cards.
• Added: Hero - Ability descriptions.
• Added: Hero - Hero selection overlay (wip).
• Added: BattleContext - Ai vs Ai simulations sessions.
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2021.12.05 11:54 Psychological-Cat942 Συγνώμη αλλα έπρεπε !

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2021.12.05 11:54 MarioHansen_09 Me And My Whippet Best Buddies For Life

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2021.12.05 11:54 BRL25 These corporations… I left over a week of vaca time and they’ve been begging me back for 3 years.

I work as a consultant and I’m somewhat specialized in my field, meaning there really aren’t that many people out there that do what I do.
Anyways; 3 years ago I was working for one of the biggest environmental consulting firms out there. I’ve got about 15 years experience and the industry standard is generally that after 10 years experience in the field you receive a forth week of vacation time. I was receiving 3 weeks.
So I talked to a partner who i trust and he helped me write up a polite a friendly letter describing rational reasons why it made sense for me to get another week of annual vacation time. I sent the letter and heard nothing.
Waited about a month before asking my boss about it. He kind of brushed me off and said “yeah yeah I’m looking into it”.
Waited another month until my annual performance review (which was good) and asked again. “Oh yeah - that, we’ve decided that we’re not going to do that - awkward silence - how do you feel about that?”
“Uh, not very good, Greg”
So that day I sent my resume to a competitor who gave me the vacation time and more money. About two weeks later I gave notice.
“Where does this even come from?! You’re catching us off guard here. Is there anything we can do to change your mind?”
I said “sorry, I don’t think so”
About 45 minutes later Greg calls back “will that extra week of vacation make you stay?”
“Well i wouldn’t have talked to other firms if you had just approved it last month. Now it’s too late”
So now it’s 3 years later. That firm has contacted me probably once a month asking me to come back - my old job is still posted. They’ve verbally offered 30% more money (and the 4 weeks vaca). They have 4 different people contacting me regularly.
In the end they saved a week of vacation time (what’s that worth? $2000?) and put me in my place.
I guess people aren’t quite as replaceable as these corporations like to think.
Fuck you Greg.
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2021.12.05 11:54 jeremyfrankly It's the greatest day

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2021.12.05 11:54 Sudden_Gur8553 Je voulais juste du popcorn...

Bonjour à tous, j'espère que vous pourrez lire cette histoire car le dernière que g poster a été supprimé a l'or qu'elle était vraie... En tout cas, celle, je jure sur tous ce que vous voulez qu'elle est vraie. Bref... G 12 ans au moment où ça se passe...
C'était l'année dernière chez un pote qu'on va appeler Tom. Sa mère étant infirmière, elle travaillait le soir et on était seul avec Tom chez lui. On avait fini de manger et il était 21h. C'était pendant les vacances donc on pouvait se coucher tard. Vu que Tom a Netflix, on s'est dit " Viens on regarde Annabelle " On a trouvé que l'idée était bonne donc on a commencé le film. Sauf que juste avant de lancer le film, g vécu quelque chose de terrible... JE REGARDAIS UN FILM D'HORREUR SANS POPCORN ! En plus, mon pote a une machine à popcorn chez lui, parfait ! Vu que je sais pas m'en servir, j'suis parti aux toilettes AVEC MON TÉLÉPHONE ( retenez ça... ) . Quand je me suis levé, Tom a dis qu'il allait pas faire les popcorn tout de suite car il avait des fourmis dans les jambes et allait attendre un peu avant de se lever. Du coup je vais aux toilettes, je fais mes affaires sur Porn... euh sur Instagram. Quand g finis, je sors des toilettes pour aller voir ou en ait Tom dans ces popcorn. Quand j'arrive dans la cuisine, je vois Tom devant la machine. Sauf que j'le vois pas bien, il fait nuit et je vois juste sa silhouette. Je lui dit " Ça va avec les popcorn ? ". Il me répond pas et fait juste oui de la tête. Je voulais repartir sans le salon mais je le rends compte que g oublié mon téléphone aux toilettes. J'y retourne, je prends mon téléphone et va au salon. Pour aller au salon, il faut OBLIGATOIREMENT passer par la cuisine. Je passe donc par la cuisine et vois Tom, en train de faire le popcorn. Je le vois clairement et lui dis " Mais, t'as toujours pas fini ton popcorn ? " Il me regarde et me dit " Bah, qu'es ce que tu racontes j'viens d'arriver..." " Bah, non j'tai vu tout à l'heure..." Et d'un coup, on entend la porte d'entrée se fermer, quelqu'un venait de quitter l'appartement de Tom... Et là, je tourne la tête et vois là où la mère de Tom range ses couteaux, et quelque chose me choque. Je connais la mère de Tom et c une personne très soigneuse et ordonnée, du coup, ses couteaux sont toujours rangés de la même manière. Et, ce que je vois là où elle range ses couteaux, c un couteau mal ranger !! Tom aussi est soigneux, c donc pas lui ... Et là, je comprends tous !!! G rien dis a Tom a part " ah ouais j'dois être fatigué..." Et on a continué la soirée...
En gros, la silhouette que g vu la première fois en revenant des toilettes, c'était pas Tom mais un autre homme de sa taille. Et en comprenant que j'avais compris ce qu'il c'était passer, il a fuit...
Voilà, j'espère que mon histoire vous a plu, j'espère aussi que vous pourrez la lire si Reddit la supprime pas et bonne journée à tous...
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2021.12.05 11:54 slinkslowdown Once Brewed is a village in Northumberland, England. A motorist arriving over the B6138 from the east will see the place name shield "Once Brewed", while those coming from the west will read "Twice Brewed".

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2021.12.05 11:54 Tandizojere I had some lovely guests at my art show.

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2021.12.05 11:54 Joseph_Seed_ You're VERY special

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2021.12.05 11:54 MarioHansen_09 Me And My Whippet Best Buddies For Life

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2021.12.05 11:54 TheStrominator [US-TX] [H] Navy Scarlet TKL, 90x Milk Cap Browns [W] Paypal, TKL Trades

Good morning all. Prices are shipped CONUS. Please no chats since I cannot see them on mobile.
First up, I am looking to make a trade for a (preferably non-WKL) TKL, shoot me a PM if you have one you want to sell/trade. No I do not want your KBD67.
Item Price Notes
Navy Maker Scarlet TKL $300 Shipped Used pretty sparingly for a couple weeks now. Original owner. Very good condition with no physical imperfections. Will come with all original accessories, POM plate, etc. Will come completely unbuilt with a hotswap pcb. No keycaps or switches
90x Stock Gat Milk Cap Brown v2 $20 Shipped Completely stock. Light tactiles not for me.
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2021.12.05 11:54 DarkSkullMango What happens if I used minoxidil / rogaine (on the off chance) if I'm not balding and how do I effectively use it?

Recently got news that I (M,21) have most likely been thinning the last few years (it's not noticeable to most people, only really if you look closely) and the doctor told me to start minoxidil foam. Looking back at pictures , my hair does seem a little thinner at the hairline, and if I take a picture of my crown now after I part the hair, I can definitely see a thinning area. It's been depressing for me but shit happens.
I have two concerns :
1) Is it okay for me to just apply the foam to the crown area and the hair line ? What about other potential areas that could be thinning or thin in the future due to MPB ? Should I apply there/ how do I apply there since I have bushy curly hair and minoxidil requires application to scalp. I read somewhere that minoxidil spreads throughout the scalp via capillaries but I'm not sure how true that is ?
2) In the off chance that I'm not actually balding, would anything bad (for a lack of a better word) happen if I use minoxidil ? Or would nothing happen?
Thank you guys for reading! I'm really not feeling great about this whole situation so I would appreciate if you guys could answer this!
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2021.12.05 11:54 Vladazard The Origins of Saint Nicholas - The Precursor of Santa Claus

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2021.12.05 11:54 tungdt17 Hướng dẫn cách làm bánh mì bằng nồi chiên không dầu đơn giản

Bánh mì được biết đến là một trong những món ăn vô cùng thơm ngon, đặc biệt là món bánh mì chấm sữa chắc chắn không còn quá xa lạ đối với người Việt Nam. Hiện nay việc thực hiện các cách làm bánh mì bằng nồi chiên không dầu được rất nhiều người ưu tiên lựa chọn với đa dạng chức năng nổi bật.
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2021.12.05 11:54 Jim8744 Military Raffle Tundra

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2021.12.05 11:54 chicagomike33 Construction next to the USS Midway carrier

Google maps shows a large area under construction adjacent to the aircraft carrier. Anybody know what they are building? Or it it an old picture and if so, what's there now?
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2021.12.05 11:54 omgegascum silly! obviously it’s about paul’s cock

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2021.12.05 11:54 mcteasenabh Walter I Have Cancer;

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2021.12.05 11:54 ervelee NHL promoting Seider’s rookie overtime goals accomplishment:

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2021.12.05 11:54 lencancermine in real life

minecraft fans dying after trying to engage with a suicide bomber
omori fans when they see a depressed person in real life
cod fans when a 30 killstreak gets them a life sentence instead of a nuke
touhou fans when they see a little girl in real life
jojo fans when they stab themself with an arrow but just fucking die
rocket league fans when they see a car in real life
fortnite fans when reality is falling apart at the seams
demon slayer fans when they find out they can breathe in real life
mario fans finding out how to jump in real life
among us fans at the scene of a real life homicide
the boondocks fans when they see a black person in real life
undertale fans when they see a goat in real life
danganronpa fans at the scene of a public execution
bloons fans when they see a monkey in real life
nekopara fans getting arrested for fucking an 8 month old cat
overwatch fans when they see a lesbian in real life
picrew fans when their father figure dies
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2021.12.05 11:54 Silver-Unit-9594 Time spend watching socks (downloaded reddit just to join this subreddit)

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